Future of democracy in pakistan essay for css

future of democracy in pakistan essay for css

each, but Pakistan lacks the capacity to systematically undertake internal reforms. Pakistans courts present a somewhat different picture. I college affordability essay made this argument thirty years ago, 4 but nothing has changed since then, except that Pakistans economic and optician decay has accelerated. His sudden death proved a serious blow to the nation. Therefore, religious extremists and fundamentalists have continued to oppose and act against. Today the respect of a nation in the international community is directly linked to prevalence of democracy. Political parties have to re-organize and function on democratic lines. The army simply will not abide a loss of this monopoly, and all other armed forces must be either so weak or so small as to present no imaginable threat to the armys monopoly of the legitimate use of force within Pakistan, let alone across. Media independence is vital to democratic stability but it must be subjected to some ethics, rules and regulations. The country is finally seeing a time where a say of the people is finally being accounted.

This needs a sagacious approach to ensure continuance of democratic rule in Pakistan. Jinnah provided a foundation for future democratic rule and system. 75 of financial aid by USA was received during the military regime. But these adversities are proved blessing in disguise when these are faced gallantly. Where it is permanent threat hanging over the government on one hand, it encourages the undemocratic forces to destabilize democracy on the other hand. Even after a successful first tenure of the previous government by the Pakistan Peoples Party, democracy in the country has had some setbacks and hindrances in its way. Masses are restrained to freely participate in the democratic process. 2, no one solution fits all problems, there are fifteen to twenty variables (depending on who and how one is counting and we still have no good idea which are fixable and which are permanently going to cripple Pakistan.

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In Pakistan these parties are plagued with outside influence, short term goals, one man show and family politics. Pakistan, in order to counter the menace of Indian adventures, had to allocate major chunk of her resources for military development at the cost of negating other socio-economic sectors of the country. Dear members here I am adding my first ever essay that I had prepared for CSS. Both the countries remained at logger heads since their inception. Now I know it can be refined further and I would make it in the next sitting. Its afflictions are pervasive and engulfing the peace and prosperity of the nation.

This issue must be addressed through transformation of syllabus on modern lines. Feudalism is negation of equality and freedom. The answer to this question is easy: Pakistan will revert to military rule, including the suppression of the courts and the faulty professionalization of all parts of the law and order machinery unless a new role is found for the armed forces, and the political.

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