My thesis advisor

my thesis advisor

asap and iterate as much as possible. Then: Look them up on their departments' web pages. All the frustrating problems were just part of doing research. Understanding them is as impotant as understanding the kids. I was the one who was discouraged, not him. This also gives you a framework for your next meeting. So check their home department page for this infodepartments frequently include brief biographies of faculty on their websites. I was sure it was all my fault that I wasnt seeing results. If youll only have time for smaller tasks within a certain period, tell your advisor, and use what time you have to commit to attainable goals.

If youre feeling guilty or embarrassed during your thesis meetings, it can be hard to stay focused and get the guidance you need from your advisor. Now I need to figure out many things all by myself, from LaTeX to the organization, from the usage of languages to drawing pictures, etc. Your advisor is providing feedback because he or she is supposed to help you learn. Instead, begin a meeting by asking, Do you have advice about the next step to take with my thesis?

While my project didnt take off after this realization, something about our meetings changed. Eventually, I started to prepare my questions ahead of time, partly to keep my own focus on my research and not on my feelings. After all, your meetings with your thesis supervisor are about you. In addition, I had to reconsider my definition of success. I realized that there were other students whose research had also led to a dead end at some point while writing their theses. You want someone that you can work with and who will be fair and invested in your work!

My thesis advisor is absent in my final stage of completing How to thank my thesis advisor - Quora

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