Essays and texts for ap language

essays and texts for ap language

example, to trip them. I also wanted them to know when assignments were due even if they were absent. Later on, there is no front loading other than the fact that we've read the work on which the essay is based. The AP approach is, or at least should be, all about critical thinking. Next, read some sample essays and how they were scored. It is true that the typical Language course has more nonfiction, but it does not exclude fiction entirely. There should be a mix of old and new, and the texts should be challenging but not impossible. Also, become familiar with a good grading rubric. As I told Carrie (see below any text of literary merit will suffice for. I think because our students look to us to teach them what they need to know to do well on the AP test, we feel more pressure to do just that.

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You will also get an idea about how others structure successful courses. I wish I had the time to have them attempt all three in two hours, but I don't. Not all students are able to juggle three or four supporting points in their head at one time. I have 50 fiction terms and 50 poetry terms (with some overlap). By open question, I think you mean that students can draw on the entire work instead of one passage. Anyhow, I have come across your website on a few occasions, and was wondering if you had any advice and/or suggestions. As for what literature to read, this is probably as open as it is for the Lit test. I posted the syllabus and the course calendar. While in real life, all writers would reflect on what they've written and revise and tweak, there is no such luxury in May for our students. Students do write in the 40 minute time slot, but then I ask them to take the essay home and type it, making only minimal revisions.

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