Adding google analytics to thesis theme

adding google analytics to thesis theme

the only thing well assume is that you already have signed up for a Google Analytics account. This reduces errors and frees you from having to involve a developer when configuring tags. Now, from the General Settings section, you will have to select Analytics / Scripts and paste the code you have previously copied into the Header Script field. However there is a way to get around this, and that is by hosting Google Analytics script on your own server. This means that you can use them to add any kind of scripts/code to your website, if you are using a Thrive Theme. Feel free to click, skip This Step : Skip this step, now, all you need to do is enter your Google Analytics ID and choose which users to exclude from tracking: Analytics Cat configuration interface. Go to your WordPress admin dashboard and then, click on the Thrive Dashboard. Visit m/analytics/ to sign up or sign in to Google Analytics with your Google username and password. Selecting the asynchronous, google Analytics code is recommended this version of the code reduces the chance third party code will slow your site down. Google Analytics is a popular, powerful reporting and metrics tool for site owners.

Settings Google Analytics Manager to complete the setup. Now you need to insert the unique Google Analytics code to begin data collection on that domain. We recommend also setting it to load in the footer.

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But, again, if youd prefer not to use a plugin, its also quite easy to add Google Analytics tracking code directly into your theme files. We recommend following the official documentation on how to install Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager. This is really meant to be used for those of you with a lot of scripts, not just Analytics. Add New Question, question, how do you add Google Analytics to Instagram? To find your, google Analytics ID, head to your Google Analytics account. Then, well show you four more ways how to manually add the Google Analytics tracking code directly to your theme and how to use a slightly more advanced Google Analytics plugin to both add the tracking code to your site and view basic stats about your. For instance, you can add the. Create an account now " if you do not have a Google account. Js file to your server and keeps it updated using a scheduled script in wp_cron. If so, we would love to here them below.

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