Essay using phrasal verbs

essay using phrasal verbs

fiume per andare a pesca. All systems go figurative, informal (ready for action) pronto a partire pronto al lancio another go informal (further attempt) un altro tentativo nm I'll have another go at winning the lottery. E l'Oscar va a Steve McQueen! Take out Meaning: Extract or remove Example: The dentist took OUT all of my wisdom teeth before they started causing any problems. Most proverbs are not appropriate for academic writing. Qualcosa è andato di traverso. Quel brano risale alla seconda guerra mondiale. Meaning: Look like, resemble, example: He takes after his mother.

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essay using phrasal verbs

Go back over sth (review, revise) rivedere, ripassare, ricontrollare vtr Mick is going over his notes to activity essay common application prepare for the exam. C'era tanta neve che il tetto ha ceduto. Take on Meaning: Assume a responsibility Example: She took ON the task of indexing the book. Alan ha molta energia, ed è sempre impegnato in qualche nuovo progetto. Go at it (do sth intensely) dare il massimo vtr go away vi adv (leave) andar via vi Margo told her son to stop disturbing her and go away. Go around, also UK: go about (be in a state habitually) andarsene in giro v rif He goes around looking filthy. Go back to doing sth (revert to doing sth) riprendere a fare qlcs vi Sheila went back to using drugs. Go backwards figurative, informal (make no progress) regredire vi Gary feels that his career is going backwards. Take up Meaning: Fill or occupy time or space Example: An awful lot of my time at work is taken UP with pointless bureaucracy nowadays. I ragazzini adoravano andare a caccia di rane al ruscello. Example: He took UP squash as he felt he had to lose some weight. Ha certamente molta energia.

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