Beauty of english literature essay

beauty of english literature essay

if they want to get ahead in life. References About the Author A native of New Orleans, Amanda Petrona holds a Bachelor of Science in anthropology/social psychology and Master of Arts in English. John Milton was the most talented poet during this period. Unlike other languages, where a loanword often entirely replaces its predecessor (does anyone in France still say fin de semaine?) English has a habit of adding extra words, until the language is suffused with synonyms. Ann Radcliffes, gothic novels and Jane Austens great novel of manners. English 200 allows students to read effective and thought-provoking works of literature. Anyone can influence the English language; no one can dictate its direction. We can count the number of words in various major dictionaries easily enough, but no dictionary is definitive. Trying to hold back the organic evolution of language is reminiscent of a primordial fish clinging to the nascent stub of a tetrapods foot and saying, you know, its a bad idea to go up on land Whats great about English is that for most. From 1660 to 1730, successful English writers such as Aphra Behn, Eliza Haywood and Mary Davys challenged the masculine myths surrounding women by writing stories that became daring precursors to modern romances, Gothic and other types of novels written for women. This kind of poetry was marked with poetry that was used to express personal feelings and emotions.

That meant that what had previously been a language spoken, written and taught by the most educated in society as well as the least educated was then handed over almost entirely to the peasantry. The German speaker huffs and frowns, and eventually says, look, what is your problem with Schmetterling? Students of, english as a second language need to learn about the intellectual and emotional history of English culture to improve communication skills. No one to fix dubious spelling patterns, arbitrate on the acceptability of the singular they or defend the subjunctive but no one, either, vaclav havel remnick essay to bar new and useful loanwords from entering the language, or to prevent English from evolving organically, according to the needs. Contemporary literature on a global scale has been influenced by the legacy of British literature, especially by the three great eras : the Romantic Age, the Victorian Age and 20th century English literature. Dickens Olivers Twist and A Christmas Carol, for example, are both a commentary of social mannerisms and customs: they (one) gather an image of the harsh and cruel living conditions for impoverished citizens and expose the immorality of a selfish and egotistical. The International Phonetic Alphabet has one hundred and seven letters of which twenty-nine are base vowel symbols, IPA provides a unique symbol to represent speech sounds, IPA allows us to describe sounds in any language, and IPA allows us to describe sounds the way people. Simultaneously, we should also bear in mind that this is not the only variety of English spoken within the United Kingdom. Although, we as individuals are also partly to blame.

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