Importance of humour in life essay

importance of humour in life essay

that helps, and what hinders, a conversation. Frequently we are upset about little things, like dirty socks on the floor, the seat left up, and the toilet paper that is rolling over instead of under. He presents at conferences and in-house on Humor in the Workplace, Managing Stress, Communicating Effectively and Customer Service. Your ability to create and appreciate humor also influences who wants to date, mate and befriend you. In this way the quality of our relationships is improved with benefits for everyone.

When my life is doomed with dark shadows, I find humour the best thing to get a helping hand. Unfortunately, when people reach adulthood, the frequency of laughter decreases drastically to 17 times on average each day. Focus on preventing an argument. Not getting the joke, finally, researching humor is important because it will help us understand why it doesn't always work. Humor is the shortest distance between two people. The challenge for everyone is to become more aware of how to add humor, and when to avoid. Thousands of people watch these soap operas each day. _6) Tell stories about great personal successes or embarrassments. Isn't it time we use a little more academic rigor to figure out how it works? Make a family photo collage for the wall.

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