Employee assistance program research paper

employee assistance program research paper

experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves. Keywords, mental Health Health Service Substance Abuse Delivery System Social Psychology. Where to refer employees for treatment of drinking problems. PubMed, kurtz NR, Googins B, Howard. Employee Assistance Quarterly, 5, (4 4962. An investigation of the construct validity essays death of a salesman american dream of the Behavioral Index of Troubled Employees (bite). Journal of Occupational Health Psychology. Five steps to increasing utilization of your Employee Assistance Program. Supervisory characteristics and beliefs about troubled employees. Wisconsin There are many public and private business establishments providing employee assistance programs in Wisconsin.

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Accessed on October 1, 20Selvik R, Stephenson D, Plaza C, Sugden. Counseling psychologists in business and industry. Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health. Telephone-administered cognitive-behavioral therapy for clients with depressive symptoms in an employee assistance program: A pilot study. Employee Assistance Programs: A systemic investigation of their use. Journal of Drug Issues. The effectiveness of a problem resolution and brief counseling EAP intervention. Control of alcohol and drug abuse in industry-a literature review. Accessed on October 1, 20* - Eischen BD, Grossmeier J, Gold. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Psychological Association, New Orleans, Louisiana. Known as Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs these company and community based programs were created to provide mental health services to workers whose job performance is impaired due to substance abuse or other difficulties. Historical context, major objectives, and study population characteristics.

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