Animals in kazakhstan essay

animals in kazakhstan essay

usually found in wither grasslands or semi-desert steppes of Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan and Russia. The country is also filled with insects and other animals, including snails, worms, and spiders. Kazakhstan maintains a number of nature reserves.

Kazakhstan flora and fauna: nature, animals, birds

animals in kazakhstan essay

The sea life is where the country lacks as it has a number of lakes and rivers, but not with as much diversity. This article will discuss in depth only a small handful of these mammals, their physical characteristics, habitats, dietary patterns and more. Kurgaldzhino is remarkable for its rare bird species, including the mute swan and, dalmatian pelican. Different hero journey essay the kite runner wildlife species flourish in different regions of the country. Only in Kazakhstan live such rare animals as Transcaspian urial, long-needle hedgehog and some wild cats: caracal and desert cat. These are also international organizations that one could look into working for or even donating money to whose goal is to protect these endangered species.

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