Essays on the menendez brothers case

essays on the menendez brothers case

hold Americas interest. It turned real-life tragedy into live entertainment, and foreshadowed our current fascination with true-crime docuseries and reality. Criminal defense attorney Steinberg was accused of abusing and murdering his adopted six-year-old daughter. Trials were always very public spectacles and very often the audience gallery was hundreds and hundreds of people and theyd cheer and yell and scream at people, he says. On the night of the murders, the Menendez brothers returned home to the mansion and shot their father in the back of the head and gunned down their mother. He is, apparently, still sticking the 27-year-old abuse defense, telling ABC: I found that my own childhood prepared me surprisingly well for the chaos of prison life and hinting at still more skeletons in the family closet.

Justice Essay Sample: Menendez Brothers

essays on the menendez brothers case

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There was alleged incest and abuse, with millions at stake. The Steinberg coverage was solemn and comported by comparison with the bread-and-circuses atmosphere of the Menendez trial and others that followed, Gerard says. Not long after, the brothers made a tearful 911 call, claiming to have just come home from a night on the town. In many respects, the Menendez brothers were the reality stars of their day swaggering real-life Patrick Batemans of the small screen, the predecessors to characters like Robert Durst. Vanity Fair followed the case for years, and wrote of Joses strong hand in October of 1990, reporting that the businessman was not all that well-liked and that, perhaps, he was cheating on his wife. The Menendez brothers were convicted of two counts of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

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