B b king essay

b b king essay

touching bluesman of our time, and the most influential electric guitarist ever, the "King of the Blues" sums up his message with some simple advice. That is one of the things I believe in today, never being forgotten. King is now 86, but he still is performing hundreds of concerts a year. But Kings music gives us a fundamental truth about the human condition. That was his words. And I was told by some of the elders that, you know, Unless you do certain things this can happen to you or that can happen to you. It would be cold in the morning and I never have liked a lot of cold. Its just that some people had and some had not, and I wished I could have been one of those that had, now thats the truth.

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In 1986, King pressed his footprints and handprints into the same patch of sidewalk where he once played as an unknown street musician. Next, we walked one block away to see a huge, colorful painting.B. One particular day I had played in Monroe, Louisiana, on my way to Dallas. His reign as King of the Blues has been as long as that of any monarch on earth. King is the worlds preeminent blues guitarist. But I soon discovered how much Elvis is revered in Memphis. Ever since, each one.B.s trademark Gibson guitars has been called Lucille. Those were my dreams, but when this did start to happen, and when I started to feel for real that I could do what I was doing, the way the people treated me, I was sort of like a guest at someones home. He sent out and got me a half a pint of something. I cant do what ten people tell me to do, so I guess Ill remain the same. Johnny Winter (left James Cotton and Muddy Waters played together many times and recorded on Blue Sky as part of Muddys career renaissance.

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