Wild animals in captivity essay

wild animals in captivity essay

that can prove that everyone should be against animal captivity. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Evidence shows aggression within these mammals because of being enclosed with no escape resulting in struggle and end up with injuries within themselves such as self mutilation or injuries to trainers as well. Over the years keeping animals in captive has not changed in safety and the well-being of the animal. "Zoo's regardless of their intentions are fundamentally immoral because they imprison thousands of helpless animals merely fot the sake of human amusement Arguments against captivity). They will adapt their habits in order to survive and maybe they will not be called rare creature any more.

If wild animals were intended to be kept shut up in a jail, also. Free Essay: Running Head: Trapped Behind Bars The zoo is packed wi th children, running. In captivity animals do not lose their wild instincts. Wild animals are kept in captivity for a variety of reasons and in a range of envi ronments, including zoos and circuses, scientific laboratories and also as pets.

You have to be able to suit their specific habitat and not a cage. Based on food chain, there would be an upheaval or ecological problem for us to protect some species regardless of others. Even though we try to breed to animals that are on the verge of extinction we don't know the outcome because we give them too much care, which is not harmful, but does not helo them in the long run. Animals that are put into captivity is completely cruel and a harsh thing for animals to be put through. The can feel depression and anxiety. Marine animals are often captured or rescued from the wild under conservation terms, but trained by punishment instead of positive reinforcement to perform. "Keeping Marine Mammals Captive in Theme Parks Is Cruel." Endangered Oceans. Captive Orcas Killer Whales 1640 words - 7 pages adequate. This can lead to bad outcomes and maybe even fatalities. "Killer whale, Keto, Killed Alexis Martinez on December 24, dynamic voltage restorer phd thesis pdf 2009 during a training session" (Zimmerman). The results of the experiments arent always reliable. Orcas exhibit unnatural behaviors and aggressive tendencies in captivity that do not occur in the wild.

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