Zionism essay

zionism essay

institutions in Palestine, with the hope of spurring investment. The right of self-defense is generally invoked to permit action to protect oneself from harm against the source of danger, not against a third party. For instance, any Jew anywhere in the world can become an Israeli citizen, a right not extended to any other class of person. People in one's own culture are objects of special moral concern; therefore, the rights of people in other cultures may be infringed when it is necessary to do so in order to satisfy rights of one's own people that are impartially of at least nearly.

Differences on almost every issue can be found within the varieties of Christian Zionism. What one does not find in either of McDermotts books is a sustained or serious recognition of the justice of the Palestinian cause. A second impartial justification for cultural nationalism is the desirability of preserving a diversity of ways of life. Finally, if the Jewish covenant is irrevocable, then should there be a mission of evangelization to the Jewish people, or no mission?

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McDermotts work comes out of what can be termed post-supersessionist Christian theologya stream that has watered a Catholic and wider Christian rethinking since World War II (but is at most a faint trickle among Eastern churches). Nevertheless, Menachem Begin, and Benjamin Netanyahu after him, actively courted and supported Christian Zionists for Israeli political ends. To the critic of cultural nationalism, the partiality involved in administrative nationalism is relatively unproblematic. A Zionist who depends on the claim that the Jewish rights at stake are more weighty than the Arab rights is in fact acknowledging this greater burden of proof. What might be an appropriate form of nationalism for the critic of cultural nationalism? If so, acknowledging that fact is a necessary part of mature relationships between the communities. More significant for the current crisis, a contemporary Zionist might concede even inherent flaws in Zionism but claim that a morally acceptable form of Zionismthat is, a morally acceptable form of Jewish statehood somewhere in Palestineis still possible. Zionists believe Judaism is a nationality as well as a religion, and that Jews deserve their own state in their ancestral homeland, Israel, in the same way the French people deserve France or the Chinese people should have China. Influenced by the early versions of Italian fascism, the Revisionists encouraged military training and a non-conciliatory stance toward the British. Even within the framework of a realistic approach to morality, states and peoples may reasonably be required to come to terms with the dark episodes of their histories. What unites a people is a complex matter and obviously differs from nation to nation; Americans and Canadians would meet few of the traditional criteria. Making conversion an eschatological matter might be a practical aid to peace, but theologically it does not expunge the source of the sting.

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