Pinting my room essay

pinting my room essay

huge window in my room makes it bright. There is a big thick carpet on the floor. It is very nice and cosy. Do you have any bookshelves? In it, lie all my clothes and personal belongings. Unless you look extremely closely, it is very difficult to determine what color my walls are. I cant say that the room is very furnished, but I have all I need. Is there much furniture in it? There would be a garden with various fruit trees and beautiful flowers in front of the house, where I would often walk listening to the birds singing.

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I enjoy the ability to look up anywhere in my room and see an array of breathe taking snowboarding pictures from which I can get inspired. In the right corner there is a comfortable arm-chair. Over the desk there is a shelf with desktop and computer games. I take a lot of pride in the sneakers that I own, so I enjoy showing them off in my room. Here there are about 30 scale model cars of all different colors. When my friends come to visit me, we play together in my room. Moreover, I love drawing and my paintings are hanging on the walls in my room. Although at first glance it might seem too messy to some, it is what I call home. When it is raining outside, I tend to sit in my room, drink tea and read something. My favourite room would be a huge library, where I would sit in the evenings reading books. There are several drawers in my desk, where I can keep my stationery, textbooks and everything I need for studies.

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