Religious belief system essay

religious belief system essay

it is not required, Christians also get baptized in good soul essay holy water to cleanse the body (flesh) of all of its sin, generally the same day they accept Jesus as their Savior. I remember her teaching one prayer for night and one for the mornings. It, in essence, gave birth to the Christian Tradition. He said this to encourage our relationship with him and to reinforce the fact that he loves us and will never turn his back on us, even if we are living in sin. Furthermore, through mutual understanding, different religions can live in peace together. 815 Words 4 Pages, my Religious Belief, i am a Christian and I believe in the Holy trinity: God, the Son, the Holy Spirit. I do not consider myself a saint and I have made some terrible decisions but not to the point where I ignored my conscious which convicts. Most historians agree that Jesus probably attended the local synagogue and "gained there at least an oral familiarity with the Hebrew Scriptures and the demands of Pharisaic Judaism." As He grew older, He was influenced by the teachings of John, a preacher from a nearby. We have to accept Christ as our Savior because we cant have a personal relationship with God as long as we are with sin.In order to make atonement for our sins, we have to accept Christ.

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The Catholics, Adventists and all Christians believe that Jesus died on Friday and resuscitated on Sunday, but what Catholics belief and Adventists dont is that since Jesus resuscitated on Sunday you cannot keep Saturday as a holy day. Because love never dies. I believe that why tell your sins to a priest if it is better to tell them to God, God is more important than a priest from a Catholic Church. I personally believe in Jesus Christ and that Christ died on the cross to save us and give us the forgiveness of our sins. It is important to understand exactly how the two survived together around the time of the birth of Christianity before we look at how the two survive in each other's shadows today. God said james bond essay introduction that if we take one step, he will take two. 1363 Words Nov 24th, 2008 6 Pages.

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