Essay on using cellphones while driving is dangerous

essay on using cellphones while driving is dangerous

are also text messaging, and surfing the worldwide web. They also say that talking on the cell phone while driving is just the same as having a conversation with a passenger in their car and that the government will not ban people from having passengers in their cars so why should they ban talking. The next reason why it is bad to use hand-held devices and drive is because committing these actions ut transfer admissions essay causes more automobile crashes, as my other discussions have already indicated. A popular study of 18 to 24 year old drivers showed that 66 percent of them have texted while driving. Next, we will look at three real accidents caused by cell phone use and see the consequences of this form of distracted driving. For example, while one is driving, it is common to look down at the cell phone to send a short text message that could put their lives in harm. Using a cell phone while driving brings up several risks that include driving off the road, running into the back of another car in front of you, and other reasons too. tags: texting, driving, Powerful Essays 530 words (1.5 pages). People should get a stronger/ harsher punishment for the use of a cellular device while driving. His family was devastated.

The alarming rate of incidents where texting is involved is getting more parents worried and warning their children about the danger of texting while driving. Studies have shown that while talking to someone on the phone your brain is putting a; lot of its energy into the conversation. Compared to the price of a cell phone, earpieces are relatively cheap ranging from 5-20 (Hands-free Cell Phone Devices).

John Gordon, a police officer, was on a state highway in Ohio one day on his motorcycle texting (Faces of Distracted Driving). When people use their cell phones on the highway or on a city road, their driving tends to become pretty lousy. The question is people more concerned more with their conveniences more than they are with their safety or safety of others. Using cell phones while driving should be banned completely for the safety of everyone on the road. If the call can wait, return it later. Harpo Productions, 15 Jan. (National Safety Council) Most of us think its ok and that we will be ok its just like adjusting the radio but no, its not. tags: Driving, Cell Phones, Powerful Essays 692 words (2 pages) - The need to regulate the use of cell phones while driving is imperative because its dangerous, and current laws are not sufficient to curb the problem. How many of us think that it is ok to text while driving? And not giving his or her full attention to the road. Free Essays 1491 words (4.3 pages) - Most people dont abide by the rules and regulations of the road. Dialing, texting, calling, and scrolling through play lists all otterbein application essay take away your vision of the road because the driver is looking toward his/her lap to text, dial, etc.

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