Com10003 assessment 3 reflective essay

com10003 assessment 3 reflective essay

my mission to begin a career developing financial self-management applications. COM10003 Learning and Communicating Online, assessment 3: Reflective essay, this essay will discuss how my use of online information has grown from being merely a consumer, to now being able to critically evaluate online sources for credibility and suitability for use in academic work. While some of the unit content was not directly relevant to my personal goals, it still made me more knowledgeable about economics in general and entrepreneurship in particular. The other relevant concepts from the ECF5555 unit, scarcity, elasticity, monopolies/competition and externalities/public goods are also pertinent to my entrepreneurial career. Disequilibrium is a situation where internal and/or external forces prevent market equilibrium from being reached or cause the market to fall out of balance. Will be of great use when I embark on my entrepreneurial career, it is disequilibrium that is the key concept of relevance for. Now I am aware of the quantity of unreliable information online and the importance of using reliable sources in my work.

com10003 assessment 3 reflective essay

The scope of this paper will begin by discussing how my use of online sources has developed over the period of the course. Length requirement: minimum of 1000 words. Scarcity means unlimited human wants can never be fulfilled by the market, which is something I believe my company will be able to exploit. As more and more people move from subsistence or low-income status into a self-sustained middle class economic status, a larger percentage of the Australian population will need to manage their more substantial finances themselves. My role in producing an online informational resource has been enhanced by both the readings, and the experience gained in the collaborative process involved in working as a team. This is very exciting! Lecturer's comment 2: While it is a good place to include a definition, this sounds a great deal like something that has been borrowed directly from a source that has not been identified according to the required conventions.

COM10003 Learning and Communicating Online Assessment 3: Reflective essay.
This es say will discuss how my use of online information has grown from.
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Constr uct and publish knowledge in the online environment.
For example: If your essay exceeds a 1000-word requirement.

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