Discussion papers centre for aboriginal economic policy research

discussion papers centre for aboriginal economic policy research

problems arose directly out of the economic condition of passive welfare dependence: Of course racism, dispossession and trauma are the ultimate explanations for our precarious situation as a people. Aboriginal people lived in great poverty prior to the introduction of welfare, Pearson suggests, but their societies, while under sustained attack, were strong, if bruised (2000b: 39). Recent research on the delivery of welfare services in one north Queensland community has referred to the difficulties in ensuring that welfare payments are directed to the children for whom they are intended, because of such practices as men humbugging recipients of Family Allowance. You can also purchase individual Discussion Papers on this site. For instance, while he devotes some attention in his writings to the impact of alcohol on Cape York Aboriginal societies (e.g.

With the advent of the welfarebased cash economy, access to resources is no longer mediated through a system of personalised relationships within the Aboriginal realm, but is predicated upon a persons rights as a citizen of the wider state, as defined by their particular status. The Way We Civilise: Aboriginal AffairsThe Untold Story, University of Queensland Press, St Lucia, Qld. The stated objective of mutual obligation is to encourage greater self reliance and motivation in job seekers by encouraging them to take responsibility for, and to be more focused on, preparing for and searching for work. In constructing his argument and driving home his analogy of welfare as poison, Pearson focuses on what he portrays as the limited responsibility many Aboriginal people in Cape York communities take for themselves and others.

A new institutional order As an intrinsic component of his proposal for social change in Cape Yorks Aboriginal medication reconciliation essay communities, Pearson has argued for new institutions at the interface between the Indigenous polity and the state, and for power and decision-making to be devolved to both. It is also arguable that Aboriginal peoples ability to negotiate at least some degree of control of certain aspects of their lives since colonisation, despite their structurally marginal position, has in part turned on their capacity to accommodate and incorporate outsiders through such particular cultural. How might decisions based on assessments of the collective good be implemented in political cultures with a characteristically strong emphasis on personal autonomy and individual rights? Torres Strait Islanders, 1999, working paper series Available at no cost on WWW at /caepr/ 1/1999 Three nations, not one: Indigenous and other Australian poverty,.H. These are structured by principles of kinship and descent, and may live across a number of households within a community or even dispersed across communities.

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