Of mice and men dream thesis

of mice and men dream thesis

the characters lives, but they also affect several characters in the novel. The theme of dreams is what makes the novel Of Mice and Men so fascinating. Lennie killed Curleys wife, because he didnt want her to stand in the way of his dreams.

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For example George, Lennie and Candy all have the dream is to own their own piece of land to work and live independently. The sadness and greatness and the triumph of our species. Steinbeck remarks on how people can create a dream and how they can have positive and negative effects from them. Please dont do that! Lennie said, Well, I aint supposed to talk to you or nothing. Another character whose personality has been affected by his dreams was Crooks. Based on what you have in your question, I would start with a thesis like this: "In, of Mice and Men, Steinbeck uses the companionship between two friends, the impossibility of the American dream, and the state itcanwait essay winners of misfits in society in order. The dream seems to be a sanctuary from cruel world they live in and both George and Lennie find sanctuary in it, this can be shown by how Steinbeck writes George telling Lennie the story of the dream before he goes to sleep, to give.

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