Physical supervenience thesis

physical supervenience thesis

on B-properties, but no B-property entails the A-property. Claims that certain kinds of reductions are possible can be similarly tested by their implied supervenience theses. Your administrator's email, you can enter one or more administrator email addresses. "Theories of Masses and the Problems of Constitution." Philosophical Review 104 (1995 53110. Further, properties that everything necessarily has, and ones that nothing could possibly have, supervene on any property whatsoever. There seem, moreover, to be philosophically interesting cases of logical supervenience without entailment. Supervenience is generally thought of as a "determination" relation, which entails that if "A" properties supervene upon "B" properties, then there cannot be a change or difference in A properties without a change or difference in B properties. To test the claim, one need not await a specific proposal as to what kind of causal connection is appropriate. The two modal operators in the strong case can be the same or different. But since contingent propositions are true in some worlds but not in others, strong supervenience fails in the case in question.

physical supervenience thesis

The friendliest, high quality science and math community on the planet! Jackson claims the supervenience thesis is both necessary and sufficient for physicalism; Witmer has proposed a different interpretation of one of the Jacksons key notions and has suggested. Whether a mental-physical supervenience thesis captures the content of Physicalism regarding mentality depends on how exactly the supervenience relation is to be understood.

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy/ Brian McLaughlin and Karen Bennett. But there is no ontological priority in such cases. Possible-world strong individual supervenience A-properties strongly supervene on B-properties if and only if for any possible worlds w and w*, and any individuals x and y, if x in w is B-indiscernible from y in w*, then x in w is A-indiscernible from. But they have exactly the same categorical properties (mass, size, shape, and so on). Much of the philosophical work on supervenience itself, as opposed to its philosophical applications, has focused on distinguishing various varieties of supervenience, and examining their pairwise logical relations. 2, edited. The material mind (1973) / Essays on Actions and Events. . "In Defense of Global Supervenience." Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 52 (1992 83354. Strong global supervenience entails intermediate global supervenience, which entails weak global supervenience. In the case of logical supervenience, the explanation might be that A-properties are necessary properties or that they are properties nothing could have.

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