Critique research paper nursing

critique research paper nursing

exercise and leisure-time activity than men, and their level of activity decreases further as they age that in turn leads to greater health problems. They have used the Social Support Questionniare, the Symptom Experience Questionnaire, the Self-Care Strategies Questionnaire, and the Health-Related Quality of Life Questionnaire (Tangkawanich et al, 2008 p 217). These are all consistent with the study. The Hypothesis, the authors do not state a hypothesis (Cormack, 2000 as such, but instead present a research question. Thus, extensive research is needed to validate the knowledge. BD3 The stud9 2as held in a traua unit in the United 7ingd et2een the ties 'veer and Januar9 3 A ttal 1 0erids servatin tk 0lace 2here the researcher 2as n the unit3 The stud9 gru0 2as ade u0 0atients. By continuing to use Studybay you accept our use of cookies view more on our Cookie Policy. This could be considered a limitation in the reporting of this research. It is an open-ended question. This could constitute a limitation of this research, as it is not possible to identify if there was any sampling bias, how d h lawrence modernism essay participants were recruited, who recruited them, and any ethical issues in relation to participant recruitment (Hek, 2000, p 20; phru, 2009, online, Bowling. Research Article Critique for Evidence Based Nursing Research and Practice NUR 443.

Data analysis, the authors carried out the statistical analyses using spss, which is an established statistical programme, and lisrel, which is not a programme this author is familiar with. A wider range of research could have been included Gerrish and Lacey, 2006, 38; Fontana, 2004, p 93 and this research could have been evaluated to identify its quality. It works on meaning, discovery, understanding and theory-development.

Relationship between theory, practice, and research. The study relates the findings back to a wide range of other research studies, my dream resort essay which is a strength of this part of the report, showing congruence with many other findings in relation to quality of life, age, socioeconomic status, social support, antiretroviral treatment, symptoms, and. The study effectively summarises the research, by identifying the variables being tested. The authors use the introduction to contextualise the problem in relation to published research, stating the importance of health-related quality of life (hrql) for people living with HIV/aids (plwha because of the impact of the disease on these individuals daily lives (Tangkawanich et al, 2008. The most common sources of research problems are experience, relevant literature, social issues, theory and external sources. It is clearly stated within the study that ethical approval was derived from an appropriate body, and that informed consent was achieved, both of which signify good ethical consideration here (Cormack, 2000). The level of specialist statistical knowledge required to understand this would be significant. In particular, it does indicate clearly that it is a quantitative paper which uses recognisable data collection tools.

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