Essay about maya and aztecs

essay about maya and aztecs

its own lesson. There were some important differences between the two. Aztec civilization, which heart was the Valley of Mexico, started in the 12-13th centuries when the barbaric tribe of mercenaries settled there and founded the capital Tenonchtitlan (modern Mexico City). Tecs spoke Nahuatl, while the Mayans spoke Maya. In the highlands, the Inca's favorite food was chuno, which are freeze-dried potatoes. The Aztec society was divided into four main classes. According to Your Specific Requirements, order an essay, you May Also Find These Documents Helpful. The Aztecs, who on the other hand were decimated by the Spaniards, can perhaps be glimpsed among the present day Mexicans.

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Thus we can see that two native American civilizations distinct from each other and separated by location, religion, custom and indeed time can still dazzle the modern world with their achievements and way of life. The Mayan style of art was true to life, having representations of contemporary life in murals. The Inca rulers were allowed to govern independently. Entire Maya families lived together and everyone helped with the work. Along with corn, Maya farmers raised chiefly beans and squash. E Mayans had a scientific bent of mind and studied the stars, The Aztecs were warlike.

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