Living alone advantages essay

living alone advantages essay

meet. From picking up your little kids from school to giving them food when they want, your parents could be the guardian angels that swoop in to help you scrape through when your life hits rock bottom. From taking your mom to the doctors to helping your dad do his silly antics in sprucing up the garden, spending time with your parents as they age gracefully can possibly the memories you cherish forever. 5) Your friends and colleagues will make fun of you.

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You can do with your time whatever you want to and do not need to explain to anyone where you are going are where you will be back. As a result, single people tend to lead a hectic as well as burdensome life with having a feeling of being resented and anguished and therefore resulting an unhealthy lifestyle. Women may not be most impressed if they see you as the guy in his late twenties still living with his parents. As you live with your parents, you will possibly get many chances to help them and make them feel better. Secondly, with increase in the demand for housing, there will be a rise in the property prices and rents. The difference in outlook towards life will be amplified if there are arguments and petty nit pickings over trivial household issues. I believe this trend has more negative consequences than the few positive outcomes it offers.

Because living a life on their own allows them to invest a precious time in the development growth and shaping out their personality. 8) You will not make your way into the property market. And as an adult in his/her 20s or 30s, there are advantages and disadvantages of living with your mom, dad or both. One small problem can lead to another, possibly leading to a fallout with your parents. There are different reasons for that, some choose to live alone and do not feel lonely, others have no alternative. In some countries, people are choosing to live alone nowadays than in the past. Mary McRae, New York University, intimate relationships do not necessarily translate into living together.

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