Plural spelling of thesis

plural spelling of thesis

Jazz have attempted to draft a big man." When. I have prepared 1099s for the entire staff. And The media is out to get the President. The singular Latin forms of these words, however, are seldom used: datum as a single bit of information or medium as a single means of communication. Problem Children Many careful writers insist that the words data and media are Latin plurals and must, therefore, be used as plural words. In its publication style manual, Wesleyan University approves of alumni/ae. (See media and data and alumni, below.) more than one nucleus nuclei more than one syllabus syllabi more than one focus foci more than one fungus fungi more than one cactus cacti ( cactuses is acceptable) more than one thesis theses more than one crisis. More than one potato potatoes more than one hero heroes. When an abbreviation can be used to refer to a singular thing a run batted in, a meal ready-to-eat, a prisoner of war it's surely a good idea to form the plural by adding "s" to the abbreviation: RBIs, MREs, POWs. Capital Community College Foundation, a nonprofit 501 c-3 organization that supports scholarships, faculty development, and curriculum innovation. You might have to avoid the problem by going the opposite direction of pluralizing: moving things to the singular and talking about what each boy did.

More than one knife knives more than one leaf leaves more than one hoof hooves more than one life lives more than one self selves more than one elf elves There are, however, exceptions: more than one dwarf dwarfs more than one roof roofs When. Plural Compound Nouns Compound words create special problems when we need to pluralize them. More than one stereo stereos Plurals of words that end in -f or -fe usually change the f sound to a v sound and add s or -es.

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It makes for good arguments when you're playing Scrabble. As a general rule, the element within the compound that word that is pluralized will receive the plural -s, but it's not always that simple. The word following the phrase one of the (as an object of the preposition of ) will always be plural. The term Okies was used to describe the residents of Oklahoma during the 1930s. One of the reasons we do this is that it rains a lot in spring. Plurals formed in this way are sometimes called mutated (or mutating) plurals. The names of sports teams, on the other hand, are treated as plurals, regardless of the form of that name. Singular Subjects, Plural Predicates, etc. Numerical expressions are usually singular, but can be plural if the individuals within a numerical group are acting individually: Fifty thousand dollars is a lot of money. This does not go over well with some female alums.

The speed of an internal combustion engine is measured in "revolution s per minute" or rpm (lower case) and the efficiency of an automobile is reported in "mile s per gallon" or mpg (no "-s" endings). She has over 400 URLs * in her bookmark file.

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