Reflective essay nursing student

reflective essay nursing student

highly the importance of good role models whose competence they could observe and practice. Soler is a model of non-verbal communication techniques that aids demonstration of active listening which is why I chose this model. Say a few words about your placement in general. Introduce theoretical material in your nursing reflection essay. As a mentor, my accountability relates to the rules, policies, regulations and scope of practice that govern assessments (NMC, 2010). She was able to walk around her room more freely with the aid of her walker, which she did not use as much before. (Ed) Learning Disabilities: Toward Inclusion. In foundations of nursing practice. Cite weblastEssays firstUK urlp? Gopee (2011) believes that assessment of a student involves gathering information of the students ability to perform particular skills or competencies. Mr Moses may have be a victim of any of the above.

To prepare for this I started to read the assessment note of other patient and doing research on the best method to get information from the patient. In conclusion steps towards better health care can be made by providing encouragement and support to improve communication between nurses/support workers and carers with communication disabilities Godsell and Scarborough, 2006. I am mindful of the challenges faced by Mr Kee and this has increased my knowledge in clinical practice where I have observed that mental illness can impair patients ability to communication, for example dementia, schizophrenia, depression and psychosis causes cognitive impairment which can interferes. The concept of dignity has to do with privacy, respect, autonomy, identity and self worth thereby making life worth living for them (scie, 2006). What were your duties? This may mean failing a student against some competencies within the CAP document, this could be because of various reasons leading to the student not progressing to the required standard.

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