Demonetization essay in kannada

demonetization essay in kannada

bank. This will help the Government fight against the problem of fake currency. This is because most of these type of activities are funded by cash that is gotten from people engaging in illegal activities. Introduction to Demonetisation in India and Its Status Essay. But in this demonetization transition bank employees did a marvellous job, they worked beyond their working hours and with the dedication which made this transition possible. Follow the given link to find the more short speech, essay or paragraph topics. We cannot say that government achieved it fully; neither India is a corruption-free nation, nor the terrorist activities have been stopped. It will draw more foreign investment in the country which will help Indian government to become a business-friendly country. The banning of high value currencies also reduce illegal activities. I am trying my best to make this speech a neutral one. Notebandi can also be used to promote the.

In his speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared that all banknotes. If you know more stuff you can deliver your speech with more confidence. Once people deposit their physical cash in their bank account, they are more likely to use digital modes while making payments. 1000 notes are worthless now, they are just a piece of paper. Demonetization or notebandi started with intention of curbing the corruption and affecting terrorism funding. In January 1978, the Government of India demonetized. Otherwise, I support the demonetization. Thank you very much for listening.

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In Europe, when they introduced the Euro as European Union currency old currency was demonetized. As the government revenue increases, it will strengthen the national economy. But we cannot say that demonetization failed in its entirety. The legal tender of these currencies became invalid, people could no longer use this type of money where to do research for essays to do any transaction. Recovery of black money was one of the key points in the election manifesto of the BJP-led NDA alliance for the Parliament election for the year 2011. As per the clause of the demonetization, there is provision to impose up to 200 penalty from such entities that would try to legalize their fund of black money. I am not a native Hindi speaker, but here I tried to translate the notebandi speech or essay in Hindi. You can adapt this information to your essay or speech. As per reports, since the demonetization, the IT departments have issued a show-cause notice to a very high count of suspected individuals, just within a period of 30 days.

Their future financial activities can now easily get detected. Bank employees overworked with all their might so that each individual can take a sigh of relief. Demonetization has a big impact on Indian market and citizens like you and. Even though the call for demonetization has triggered adverse reactions among a certain portion of the population, the mass has appreciated this step. Recite the speech in front of friend and family several times or even you can do it in front of the mirror. Hence, the outcome of demonetization of Rs 5 currency notes is expected to put an end to such practices. 1000 would be invalid after midnight of that day.

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