Essay revision strategies of children

essay revision strategies of children

in terms of grammar, spelling, and proofreading. If a child is having trouble coming up with just the right word or sentence, suggest coming back to it later. If you have missed any of the lessons weve covered so far, click here to see the introduction and links to the lessons (links are at the bottom of the post). Today Becky is sharing a fun idea (with a great free printable!) to help kids revise their writing. Revising and editing are two important parts of the writing process, but they can be tricky for children (and even adults) to understand. Are any important facts or events missing? If any of these three things is missing, have the child write them. One revision that is particularly hard for young writers is omitting information. Want to give your young writer some revising practice? You can also use these tools to check spelling and capitalization.

essay revision strategies of children

Children s books to use with this strategy.
This is the number one strategy for a reason.
Whatever we want kid s to do in their writing, we have to provide models for them.
Check out this Simple Writing Lesson - a revision strategy for kid s!

essay revision strategies of children

Help children make the most of their writing by teaching them about revising and e diting, two important parts of the writing process.
When teachers give students revising and editing strategies, students develop the capacity to self-regulate their own learning and writing.
An important part of the writing process is revision, especia lly as it differs from editing.
Students can learn to differentiate the need.

Thats where our next simple writing lesson comes. Now, Im going to go back and re-read it with new eyes. Encourage students to write as much as they can for a first discovery draft, as quickly as they can, without spending time doing extensive revision. You might ask a child to write a letter to a good friend about what she did the day before. What To Do, why Use This Tip. Dont forget the power of publication!

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