Noah melina tecumseh essay

noah melina tecumseh essay

goal of settling Kentucky. 1768, to his death at the Battle of Moraviantown in 1813. Popular culture and historical fiction have made Daniel Boone, the frontiersman, and Tecumseh, the Shawnee chief, into legends of the Eighteenth Century. Meaning Jackson wants to remove the Indians from their land in a more friendly way.

FOR only.38.9/page, hire Writer, we will write a custom essay sample on Andrew Jackson vs Tecumseh specifically for you. Rather than whites stealing the Shawnee lands, and securing peace through treaties, Tecumseh wanted a scenario in which the whites would stay in their own territory, and never settle any further into the Indian lands. Sugden argues that Tecumsehs negotiation of the pan-tribal confederation of Indians was as great a diplomatic feat as any undertaken by a European leader. First, the ongoing encroachment of Indian lands by white settlers incited fear and resistance among Native Americans.

The Natives put up a good fight during the Lord Dunmores war even though the result was terrible. Because the Shawnees claimed this land as their own, confrontations between the white man and the red man erupted constantly, which more often than not ended in bloodshed. In the early 1800s President Andrew Jackson gave a speech about how Native Americans should give up their land for the Whites and move somewhere else like in a reservation. He realized that the only way to drive the white man out, and for life to return back to the way it was before, was for all tribes to unite as one nation against them.

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Retaliation through violence was the only way he could be sure the natives would be successful. Xxviii, July 12, 1998,. He desired to corruption in the big sleep essay negotiate truces, so that the Indians and whites might live in the same regions without waging wars upon one another, though full societal integration was not his goal. Lxxxviii, August, 1998,. He realized, and refused to accept that the Native Americans were being stripped of their lives and lands through deception and violence. This led him to be opposed to peace treaties that resulted in giving the whites more of the Indians land, such as the Treaty of Greenville and the Treaty of Fort Wayne, both of which he refused to sign. The Native Americans were loosing everything at this point, and they didnt know what. Tecumseh being the brave and confident warrior he is, says he simply will not retreat, and his men will not retreat either.

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