Murder in the cathedral essay

murder in the cathedral essay

several dramatic devices and ironies to draw in the audience. Powerful Essays 952 words (2.7 pages) - "Cathedral" is a short story ultimately about enlightment, finding something more meaningful and deeper with in one self. How does an understanding of tragedy help to inform the play's message? Length: 1417 words (4 double-spaced pages rating: Powerful Essays, essay Preview. He does not mean to suggest that Thomas Becket actually had such moral fortitude; in fact, he does not mean to represent the historical Thomas Becket at all. By only having the characters connected with evil (the downfall of Thomas) Eliot has specified a subtle way to differentiate between the evil characters concerned with the ruling power of man (the rhymers and those who believe in the ruling power of God.

Thomas Beckett serves as the representation of the power of God whereas King Henry II and his advisors serve as the governmental representations, or the power of man. 8, explain how the murder functions as a ritual in the play. However, Eliot's emphasis on the Chorus and his use of the mass structure suggest that he does not believe the play should function as an individual experience, but as a communal one. The conflict between "action" and "suffering" is at the center of the play, and it is one of the many contradictions that Thomas realizes he must embrace if he is to transcend his earthly limitations in favor of godly serenity.

The wife, whose name they do not mention, has a very close friend who is blind. The husband in the story is given the gift of seeing a cathedral through a blind mans eyes. Eliot maintains the ability to paint a pessimistic, dark picture of the world that defined his earlier poetry, but here he demonstrates that by confronting such pessimism, one can discover a much greater, fuller optimism. Sensory imagery appeals to senses, which create a vivid image of conflicting ideas that can be tasted, heard, viewed, touched, or smelled. 3, explain the journey of the Chorus throughout the play. She worked for Robert ten years ago. tags: Raymond Carver, irony. Eliots impact on twentieth-century literature is undeniably one of great magnitude; however, Murder in the Cathedral, while still laudable and celebrated among its peers, marked the beginning of the end of his reputable and impressive career. Through the use of auditory imagery,.S. His name is Robert.

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