Msc nursing research thesis

msc nursing research thesis

populations, culture, mental health, Indigenous health, cultural safety, chronic disease management, palliative care. Journal Detail: Title: Global journal of health science Volume: 6 issn: ISO Abbreviation: Glob J Health Sci Publication Date: 2014. Corequisite(s NUR2 611D1 Restriction(s Not open to students who have taken NUR2 613D1. Relevant data and the appropriate analysis of this data as applied to health and nursing care. Terms: Summer 2018 Instructors: Josée Bonneau (Summer) NUR2 623 Clinical Assessment and Therapeutics (3 credits) Overview Nursing : Development of skills in the medical-nursing assessment and management of patients and families dealing with chronic and life-threatening illnesses. The focus of mandatory course content is the examination of contemporary issues in nursing, including the evidence base, role development in response to health care needs and service improvement, for example, and on the role and practice of the nurse. Terms: Winter 2018 Instructors: Susan E Drouin, Anita J Gagnon (Winter) NUR2 634 Clinical Assessment and Therapeutics 2 (3 credits) Overview Nursing : This course focuses on building upon the knowledge and competence acquired in medical, surgical and nursing management of major illnesses affecting Canadians. Job Interview Practice Test Why Do You Want This Job? However, there is a growing need for empirical and semi-empirical research to bridge the gap between theory and practice, which is also a major concern among nurses. Overview, nursing : Principles of data analysis and statistical inference with an emphasis on the utilization and interpretation of analysis of variance and regression procedures in nursing research.

The research findings showed that most of the theses used a descriptive or analytical-descriptive method, and 42 of them had patients as their participants. NUR2 609 Nursing Care of Children and their Families (3 credits). Lecturers from other countries provide an input into the course, previously from areas such as Hong Kong, Japan and Africa. Overview, nursing : An overview of the main issues in global health studies, approaches by which to understand these issues, and the importance of making reasoned links between the key global health studies concepts. Terms: Winter 2018 Instructors: Sonia Elizabeth Semenic, Andraea Van Hulst (Winter) NUR2 631 Clinical Project 2 (6 credits) Overview Nursing : Implementation of a project plan related to best practice approaches in health care delivery. Your main study themes are: Research methodology, design and methods: Examines the different methodological approaches, designs and methods used in social work, health and social science research and related fields. The Postgraduate Diploma and the Postgraduate Certificate can be studied full time over nine and six months respectively; part-time study time will vary depending on the commencement date and option modules chosen.

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On completion, you should have knowledge of: Current challenges and/or new insights in nursing. In Nursing; Non-Thesis - Direct-Entry Year I (29 credits) and Year II (26 credits). National Library of Medicine. The philosophy and principles of scientific inquiry, research design, sampling, techniques of data collection, ethics, and incorporating research into practice are discussed with emphasis for nursing. The Course Team has extensive research and teaching experience which will inform the curriculum and benefit the students teaching and learning experience. General ethical standards for professional practice are reviewed as well as selected controversies. Continue to advance your knowledge and understanding and develop new skills of critical evaluation to a high level. Current research approaches and advanced scholarship in health and nursing practice. Terms: Winter 2018 Instructors: Susan E Drouin (Winter) NUR2 630 Clinical Project 1 (3 credits) Overview Nursing : Identification of a clinical problem and development of a project to test or implement best-practice approaches. Much of the work is done in small groups with supervisory guidance from a tutor and may involve computer generated exercises.

Rush 250.807.9561, research interests: Older adults, cardiac conditions, perspectives of risk, self-management, health-care needs, health-care services, rural health care, telehealth, nursing education. Terms: Winter 2018 Instructors: Heather Dawn Hart, Vasiliki Bitzas (Winter) Restriction(s Not open to students who have taken NUR2 611D1 / D2 NUR2 612 Research Methods in Nursing 1 (3 credits) Overview Nursing : Basic knowledge and skills needed to conduct research. Research findings and your own experiences will be used to explore factors that influence practice including: organisation of health care; regulation and autonomy in health care; professional culture; inter professional working; user-involvement; and public health drivers.

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