Bai mau essay

bai mau essay

universities or colleges from where students get exposure and experience to various problems which they might have to face in their real life while practicing. And it is them who teach us to walk, talk and to communicate. As for me, parents are the best teachers. To get a degree is a direct aim as well as a result to go to college. Real life experiences have advantages and disadvantages as well as books. In my teen years, I had so much peer pressure. Some people, who have been graduated from universities for years, are also planning to go back to school. Another reason is that universities will provide one with not only knowledge but also many other abilities, including communication ability, corporation ability, and independency ability etc, which are beneficial to future career. wants to qualify in a certain area or start his/her own business, the academic preparation a college could provide in needed. When my cousins 5 year old sister died, she totally broke apart. The natures of those children whose parents have divorced are often severely distorted.

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Many newly emerged types of food have not the essence of a omplete meal? The projects students attended are very like their future work. Time spent on food preparation is considered waste by them. In order to express themselves, they surely use a very systematic structure to form a book, which have a specific note of their thought and experiences. Absolutely there are many other reasons like new experiences, ability to cooperate etc, the two reasons I talked about influence most Chinese youth. We can say, books are not only excellent source for us to know about the past, but also excellent source for us to know what is happening in the world today, and what is probably going on in the future. The other reason for peoples willing to education is a high interest in one particular subject or another.

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