Argumentative essay about electoral college

argumentative essay about electoral college

why I oppose the electoral college, because everyone's vote doesn't count, the wrong president won in election 2000 if you call the United States a democracy, and the electoral college has disrupted outcomes in more than a dozen elections. tags: Role in Presidential Elections. Population of 315,281 and area of 103.000 square kilometers makes it the most sparsely populated country in Europe. Yet Louisiana only carries 10 electoral votes whereas Illinois is allowed 26 electoral votes. The Electoral College was created to help elect a president. After the state verifies the votes, the candidate that receives the most votes get all of that state's elector's votes. There are numerous reasons why this. The following are examples from how the electoral college has disrupted an election: Woodrow Wilson, Harry Truman, John. First, states are allowed a minimum of three votes regardless of how small the state.

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The Electoral College can best be explained in an article from the Huffington post which states Every four years, voters go to the polls and select a candidate for President and Vice-President the candidate who wins the maj. The first democracy in the world was not even a democracy, to vote in Greece you had to be a land-owning male citizen. Some political scientists consider the favorable outcomes pure luck. When voting for President, we actually vote for state electors who hold Electoral votes. tags: Elections Electoral College Government.

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