Why you should learn a foreign language essay

why you should learn a foreign language essay

will take more than popping a miracle pill like Bradley Cooper, its far easier today than it used to be thanks to amazing online tools, smartphone apps, language exchange sites, etc. By engaging in your community in a new, creative way, its likely that youll meet new, creative people with whom you can get to know and, of course, practice your chosen language together. A minute later, the cook stops talking and hands you your plate with a simple Thank you, bye! Theyll work with you as you learn and can actively help you plan study abroad trips to help you immerse yourself into the culture youre studying. I had only learned a tiny amount of the language, but it was enough to get me home to my bed. But everything changes when you use the local language. More companies than ever are doing business in several often dozens of countries around the world, but they cant do it without hiring globally-minded people who can speak at least one foreign language. With it, however, you can go as deep as you desire, unlocking secrets about the people, places and history that make up a culture. That can be you.

Ten Amazing Reasons, why You Should Learn a Foreign Language

why you should learn a foreign language essay

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Speaking a foreign language makes you more attractive. Another local comes by while youre waiting, orders some food in the local language, and starts talking cheerfully with the cook aboutsomething. Bilingual noodles can do this switching much faster than their monolingual counterparts (likely from the practice they have switching between two languages making it appear like they can handle many more tasks at once. Not only do these advantages make it easier to learn yet more languages, they also make it easier to learn, well, anything. What you find wont always be pretty, but it will always be interesting. Discover You Can Do It!

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