Cause effect child obesity essay

cause effect child obesity essay

abuse.10 One study11 suggested that obese children may have. Obesity can result from a form of low self-esteem, depression, or dramatic life events. This is a problem that is very common among men and women. (Don't underestimate the importance of physical activity, 2010,.1). Illnesses that prevent children from involvement in physical activity can result in obesity on rare occasions. (Healthy Eating and Diet, 2010,. The Causes, Effects and Solutions to Obesity in our Community, the overwhelming number of obese persons has now become a great concern in our community. Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States.

They make it seem like they truly do not have a choice of whether they choose to feed their children healthy food or junk food, either because their children demand it or because they are are ignorant about other healthier alternatives. Despite the obstacles, there are ways to slow the outbreak thats called childhood obesity. In the United States today we have a plague of childhood obesity. An individuals weight is determined by the balance of calorie intake as well as the amount of physical activities in which he/ she participates. Fast-food corporations seems to be uplifting children to consume regular amounts of unhealthy foods by giving away toys with a purchase of a kids meals. During my interview with one family who had lost their son to diabetes, it was obvious that there was a history of obesity within the family. Obesity cannot be inherited, but disorders that can be result in obesity can.

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In addition the candidate should have put in a minimum of one year experience after nursing council registration in any Hospital or public health field. There is no upper age limit for admission into the.B.(N)..
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