Essay on opinions and social pressure

essay on opinions and social pressure

experimental situation, which became famous, shows that under certain conditions, individuals are subject to peer pressure, neglecting the obvious possibilities of independence and productive relationship with the environment. We might not realize it, but social pressure is a huge force that can cause serious damage if found in the wrong hands. This suggests that participants in these experiments are inclined to behave like everyone else, meaning answering like them. In his essay Opinions and Social Pressure, Solomon Asch, a social psychologist at Rutgers University, presents an experiment he conducted in the 1950s.

Ash observes in his experiment that two alternatives were open to the subject: he could act independently, repudiating the majority, or he could go along with the majority, repudiating the evidence of his senses (Ash 209). Its hard to stand up for your opinion, especially when you face more than one adversary. The Emperor himself could not see the clothes, but he pretends that he can so he wont appear unfit for his position or stupid; and his ministers did the same. The instructed partner gave the correct answer on the first six trials. Cash then turned to studying the effects upon a given individual Of a change in the situation to which he was exposed. He sat close to the end so all the Other participants would give their answers before he gave his. Another criticism is that participants may be conforming to the expectations of the experimenter, not the group (Schulman, 1967). He hires two tailors who promise to make him the finest clothes from a fabric invisible to anyone who is unfit for his position or just hopelessly stupid. Vref1 titleOpinions And Social Pressure By Solomon E Asch Philosophy Essay m dateNovember 2013 accessdate locationNottingham, UK Reference Copied to Clipboard. The experimenter told them that they would be comparing the length of lines and he showed them two white cards below. When the group contains three or more members, the subject tested, most likely, will conform to group opinion.

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