A essay on mahatma gandhi

a essay on mahatma gandhi

British imperialism. Finally, India achieved freedom in August, 1947. He adopted the principles of satyagraha in the Indian Independence movements. Every kid and children of the India know him by the name of Bapu or Father of the Nation. Finally he forced Britishers to quit India forever through his mass movements on 15th of August in 1947. As a great freedom fighter, he got arrested and sent to jail many times but he continued fighting against British rule for the justice of Indians. Biography of Mahatma Gandhi, nathuram Godse and Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi was a great Indian who led India with independence movement against British rule. The wedding took place according to traditional custom.

a essay on mahatma gandhi

Introduction: Gandhiji was one of the greatest Indian of all time.
He is called the Father of the Indian Nation.
His original name was Mohandas.
Mahatma Gandhi contributed tirelessly and selflessly in India s freedom struggle for Independence.

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Later, he was the president of Indian National Congress. He wrote several books during his lifetime: An Autobiography- The Story of My Experiments with Truth; Hind Swaraj or Indian Home Rule; Key to Health are some of the books penned by him. He died in 1948 on 30th of January and his body was cremated at Raj Ghat, New Delhi. Thats why he decided to became a political activist in order to do so some positive changes in such unfair laws. Gandhiji organized a non-cooperation movement and led peaceful protests against the British administration for many months. He started many mass movements like Non-cooperation movement in 1920, civil disobedience movement in 1930 and finally the Quit India Movement in 1942 all through the way of independence of India. Non-cooperation Movement, the Jallianwala Bagh massacre and the harsh British policies lead to the Non-cooperation movement in 1920. Nathuram Godse believed to be his very close man killed him on 30th of January 1948 at Birla House by a gunshot. Later he returned to India in as a lawyer in 1890. He used non-violence as a weapon to fight the armed forces of the British Empire and helped us to get independence without lifting a single weapon. He gave the famous slogan of Do or die for the freedom of mother country. But through a principal of nonviolence and truth.

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