Basking shark poem essay

basking shark poem essay

often describes his personal experiences in his poetry, using these to explore wider themes. Existence Himself Themes (2) Facing Reality Understanding the impact of death and loss and that we as a species are not immortal. Choose a"tion and analyse is from the extract given. Give these a try and well go over them. Memorial - Everywhere she dies. He starts off by describing his location,?Where bogland hillocks hid a lake? The feelings of fear and doom that were attributed to the cat and the gull earlier in the poem are now attributed to the speaker instead as he meets his match. There is no rhyme which further emphasises the lack of harmony in the events depicted.

There is a fairly regular but not constant metre, with many monosyllabic words. What is the turning point of the poem? Referring closely to stanza 2, show how MacCaig uses word choice to convey how he feels about the encounter. Bobbing shows speakers feelings of not being there. Visiting Hour - The final image of the books and the oxymoronic fruitless fruits, stand as reminders of the proximity of death. They,?fished for gulls with hooks we? Metaphor the smell is so overpowering that is becomes a comb, touching every strands of his senses.

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In the same line: Everywhere I go she dies. Refer to the poets language in your answer. 5, to stub an oar on a rock where none should be, Infinitive verbs Captures attention Unusual term to use for an oar, you stub your toe. Do this three times. Everywhere is repeated to reinforce the suffocating sense of loss felt. Download ppt "MacCaig Revision Nat 5 Easter School 2015.".

Normally a gull would be the predator of the water, picking up fish, but this time the gull finds itself on the end of the fishing line. Themes explored through experience: the temporariness/ insignificance of man The relationship between man and other species, man and nature The randomness of the process of evolution The scale of human evolution vs species which have remained unchanged/ unevolved Possible references: Assissi The hypocrisy of the. This suggests tripping over something, which highlights a theme of the poem, the idea that this is the sharks territory, not the human who belongs on land. 1, macCaig Revision Nat 5 Easter School 2015 2, lets start off with a reminder. Commonality link poem 1 Commonality link poem 2" poem 1 Explain poem 1" poem 2 Explain poem 2 14, the Final Question Answer Scheme. He displaced more than water. He feels helpless and the inevitability of death is recognised.

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