Master thesis service management

master thesis service management

that regards itself as a service organization or wants to develop towards a service management based approach. If you have any questions about the final thesis, please contact the coordinator,. The student can also take an internship in the industry in Denmark or abroad. Olet saanut ohjaajaltasi luvan jättä tutkielma arvioitavaksi. The top of the T provide the broad theoretical business economic basis for studying and operating in the service sector as such. The thesis cannot be submitted unfinished or in several parts. In order for you to submit the final version of your thesis on MyCourses, you have to include the cover page and the abstract in the same PDF/A file, together with your thesis. Each group focuses on one subject, but within this subject each student develops a sub-aspect into an independent thesis. However, student can order a printed thesis for him/herself for example via Unigrafia webstore: /order-form-theses/?langen In order to graduate, you have to order your diploma from the Learning Services. First and second semester consist of compulsory courses, third semester of elective courses and fourth semester finishes off the programme with the master thesis.

Structure, the overall structure of the programme can be illustrated with the letter. Related to these issues there are a number on unresolved legal questions that we will explore in the second part of the course. Tutkielma palautetaan PDF/A-tiedostona MyCoursesin palautuslaatikkoon ohjaajalle tutkielman arviointia varten ja toinen kappale ladataan Oppimiskeskukselle (ent. Lataa tutkielma eAge-järjestelmän kautta Oppimiskeskukselle (ent.

Lataa tutkielma samanmuotoisena (PDF/A-tiedosto) vielä Oppimiskeskukselle eAge -järjestelmän kautta. Kauppakorkeakoulun maisterintutkielmat palautetaan sähköisenä MyCoursesiin. Jotta voit jättä tutkielmasi virallista tarkastusta varten Mycourses-järjestelmän, sinun tulee tehdä tutkielmastasi yhtenäinen PDF/A-tiedosto (sis. During the four quarters you achieve still more of the competences needed within service management and service economics, and it is done in a progressive way, giving increasing priority to skills in service economics and management. The spring courses include the following four courses: a course in co-creation and law in service firms, a course in service design, a course in managing digital services, and this course wraps the 1st year up focusing on the customer journey and the related marketing activities. The next quarter comprises a course in economic performance management. MyCourses -työtilaan päset valitsemalla oman laitoksesi työtilan: Johtamisen laitos (MIB, idbm, corporate Communication, Entrepreneurship, Strategy) Laskentatoimen laitos (laskentatoimi, yritysjuridiikka) Markkinoinnin laitos (markkinointi) Taloustiede (taloustiede) Tieto- ja palvelujohtaminen (ISM) Rahoitus (rahoitus). Masters thesis abstract, the abstract are submitted in the language that has been used to write the thesis, and at least in one language translated from the original. Electives/Exchange/Internship (30 ects master's Thesis (30 ects strategic Management in Service Firms(7.5 ects). Submit your thesis (PDF/A) and the maturity test (executive summary) on MyCourses. The student has to be enrolled as attending when submitting the thesis. Download the thesis through eAge to the Learning bible college entrance essays Centre (former library) for their archive.

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