Essay about acculturation and assimilation

essay about acculturation and assimilation

to them to establish and maintain relationships with the greater community and society whose culture differs from their own. Burgess, focused their research and theories on the outcome of this process known as assimilation. Sometimes leaders within a culture make a conscious decision to adopt the technologies or practices of another for reasons associated with efficiency and progress. Assimilation is the process by which a person or group adopts a new culture that virtually replaces their original culture, leaving only trace elements behind, at most. Acculturation is a process through which a person or group from one culture comes to adopt the practices and values of another culture, while still retaining their own distinct culture. Native Americans were forced to give up major parts of their culture due to the imperialistic nature of the early explorers. Also, the simultaneous adoption of mainstream American foods and meals by immigrant populations.

Similarly, first-generation immigrants often consciously engage in the process of acculturation as they settle into their new community in order to succeed socially and economically. It is an unconscious culturation is the process of transmitting cultural traits from one culture to another for a longer time so as to make both cultures similar to each other. It can happen at both group and individual levels and can occur as a result of in-person contact or contact through art, literature, or media. Assimilation may be spontaneous, which is usually the case with immigrants, or forced, as is often the case of the assimilation of ethnic minorities.

Assimilation refers to the process where some of the majority communitys cultural aspects are absorbed in such a manner that the home cultural aspects get mitigated or lost. Now that the European culture is the majority in this country, Native Americans are considered to be a subculture. Culture deals with thoughts, norms, and productions of a certain people. At the group level, acculturation entails the widespread adoption of the values, practices, forms of art, and technologies of another culture. Acculturation can take different forms and have different outcomes, depending on the strategy adopted by the people or groups involved in the exchange of culture.

Transmutation : This strategy is used by those who place importance on both maintaining their original culture and on adopting the new culture, but rather than integrating two different cultures into their daily lives, those who do this instead create a third culture which. Unfortunately, this contact with other cultures is not always peaceful.

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