Henry kissinger undergraduate thesis length

henry kissinger undergraduate thesis length

science and the conceits of positivism, the idea that truth or wisdom could be derived from logical postulates or mathematical formulas. The idea that spirit and intuition need to be restored to a society that had become overcivilized and overrationalized, too dependent on logic, instruments, information, and mathematics, has a pedigree reaching back at least to the late 1800s. Metternich proved a profound influence on Kissinger's own later conduct of foreign policy, most notably in his firm belief that even a deeply flawed world order was preferable to revolution and chaos. Hal Knight, who carried out the falsification on the ground in South Vietnam, testified to Congress in 1973: I would wait until daylight, and as soon as that time came, I would go out and burn that. He's writing a life of Arthur Schlesinger. But with every lurch to the right, Kissinger is there. You know, its dangerous to focus on one person as a way of talking about a big system. Kissinger's mother, Paula Stern, came from a relatively wealthy and prominent family, and his father, Louis Kissinger, was a teacher. Richard Nixon and co-won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in the. The New Right did come up attacking Kissinger, but at the same time, theyDick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeldshared a strong affinity in thinking about the world, that whole metaphysical will-to-power, the idea that statesmen shouldnt be trapped by information, that they need to act.

Henry Kissinger and Daniel Ellsberg did their undergraduate and graduate studies essay on importance of discipline in school life at Harvard around the same time, both young veterans on scholarship and both brilliant and precocious. So in that sense, secrecy and spectacle are not really opposing values. Despite his German accent and a style that seems to be ajar with American frivolity, it is American meritocracy and democracy that make him possible. But I think Kissinger reveals the system. Alexander Haig said that Kissinger, did drive the presidents concern about the leak. Too often people let his outsized personality and his talent for self-presentation get in the way. The agency principally responsible for any given subject, Ellsberg predicted, would have one opinion on the matter, and secondary agencies would have another, and the difference between the two opinions would provide a useful map of the ambiguities, doubts, and uncertainties that existed in the. Both men were honored with the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize, although Duc declined, leaving Kissinger the sole recipient of the award. The Peoples Obituary of Henry Kissinger. Kissinger was the statesman, Ellsberg the expert. Soon a counterproposal for reorganizing the NSC around the State Department began to float around, which allowed Kissinger to identify potential rivals.

The answers he received werent important. Kissinger had asked Ellsberg to collate, analyze, and average the responses to the questions related to the Vietnam War, over five hundred pages in total.

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