Advantages of tourism essay

advantages of tourism essay

for the economy. This tourism can create jobs and improve lives, or it can lead to problems. Tourism may even create unemployment in a country. Tourism can have some benefits.

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One advantage is that it creates jobs. When this movement occurs, the agricultural industry will become barren, that is, it will cause unemployment and thus, the neglection of this sector may lead to food shortages which may have a serious impact on the balance of payment. Thanks to it, the average standard of living of people increases well and at the same time unemployment is on the decrease. After this, tourism undermines culture by commercializing it and this is often connected with increasing litter, graffiti, vandalism and noise - tourists do dbq 18 the new deal's opponents essay not always respect traditional cultures, which is sad but true. This may have a bad effect on their health as the work is tiring and difficult. As an industry, it may be have several impacts on a country, both good and bad. For example, Country like Laos their second GDP income comes from tourism industry. It is easy to underestimate the scale of world tourism without being aware of the figures. A second point is that the jobs from tourism are poorly paid. While it may boost a countrys economy, doubts about the overall benefits of tourism are reinforced by the belief that tourism brings adverse social and cultural effects.

Due to this, if the cost of air tickets increases, people will not be keen to travel which will result in a decline of number. Some countriesnations nowa days spend quite a lot of money to promotepromoting their country as thea holiday destination spot and this becomes one of the main sources of GDP income. It may seem, that tourism brings only benefits, but further consideration shows that it also has disadvantages. Fisherman along the mekong river convert their fishing boat as water taxis to bring tourist for river e local live-hood has become better due to the increase of the tourist arrival. Consequently this serves negatively as increased pollution disturbs local residents and also it may discourage tourists from further entering the country. In the past, the locals living near the Mekong River used to be self-sufficient and depended on agriculture and the fishing industry as their main source of income. These hotels causethat causing the soil erosion and the waste is discharged into the river. Travelers in those sorts of numbers can easily present huge challenges and problems for many destinations, including transport, places to stay, policing, and maintenance.

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