Knowledge is more important than money essay

knowledge is more important than money essay

a poor person can gain riches via the application of his/her knowledge. Source: from: AlBaseerah Forums, advertisements. Watershed cover conditions differ in their regulation of certain nutrients (especially phosphorus and nitrogen the best regulation of nutrients is provided by vigorously growing forest that is fully occupying all watershed sites.

Money is n ot easily available to all, but knowledge.
All that one needs to possess.
Knowledge is infinite and Money is finite.
Knowledge - you can sha re without any hesitation but Money - you hesitate to share.

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However, when one would be served with this statement after having read Lagemaats book he would immediately start doubting Einstein and his views generating some thought-worthy knowledge issues. Success has more than one. Or to what extent we, without any knowledge, would take our. It is similar to a path that has been laid out by us whether it is through our own personal experiences or through experiments based on the interpretation of our perception. A child is born with many traits that are carried throughout life however, this does not complete the full cycle of life. Only smart brains or enlightened brains can claim them. For I am too, a reader of Lagemaats book, I cannot completely agree or deny his views asking myself how we can possibly rely on our imagination without knowledge as a medium to support. Is the genetic background the predetermine factor for a child's path through life or is it the environment in which a child is raised in the larger more important part of the growing cycle? And money is depleted from spending, while knowledge grows when you spend. Money is much more important than education in todays world because education itself requires a lot of money and without money receiving education would be impossible. Sharing money can aid someone mark twain luck essay on german momentarily, but sharing knowledge will aid the person who receives it for a life time. Education on the other hand, provides moral knowledge to people, which help them to learn from their past and act well in the present and future.

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