Thesis statement for causes of wwii

thesis statement for causes of wwii

of the Nazi troops. It tells the reader what your position is on the topic discussed in your paper. A century ago, a war was mostly a local event, concerning only its direct participants (Fussell 87). Austria-Hungary constantly thwarted Serbia's ideas of a large kingdom because they feared it would ultimately cripple their empire as they had a large Slavic population. Serbia was a new country in the Balkans who wanted to achieve a large, united Slavic kingdom as they were going through high levels of nationalism (as were all European countries). Kaiser said that it was unfair of him not allowed to have any colony. Then in World War 2 Adolf Hitler tryed to get more land for Germany and slaughter all the Jews.

Another consequence of World War II is the continuing Cold War.
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Here are some ideas for thesis statements for the cause of World War.
Imperialis m and seizure of other nations resources motivated Japan to wage war.
If you re writing a research paper about World War II (or any other topic yo.

This was impossible as Germany was in extreme debt due to their involvement in WWI, and because this number was immensely huge. Shortly after chamberlin (nice man with no backbone) had no choice but to enter into a war with Germany. Once they did attack the US the Japanese had to be stopped. APA, mLA, chicago, the Treaty of Versailles: Cause of wwii. Hitler for some odd reason would only recruit homosexual men to his amry and made the straight men work in his factories (from gr 11 History Makes sense Text book). Today, the United States continues to play the role of global benefactor, whether or not their help is required, interfering in domestic policies of a number of states and nations. The world continues to feel the consequential tremors of World War II through financial and economic woes. Oh yeah the French were asking for a ridiculous interest rate.

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He wanted to fulfill his grandiose ideas of the Third Reich and the 1000 year reign and all his ideas of eliminating all the Jews. Erm, a giant increase in the population? You can talk about how it changed the whole world. More countries involved means more chaos and more risks of increasing tension. They had good reason since the Nazis committed horrendous atrocities and genocide against their people. The reason for such a dramatic growth in population is still a disputed subject among experts. The treaty that ended World War 1 gave 15 of Germany's land to other countries which resulted in 5 million Germans becoming citizens of other countries. Britain feeling the tension signed a pact with Germany and it states that Germany navy fleet cannot pass Britain's.

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