Abraham lincoln and the second american revolution thesis

abraham lincoln and the second american revolution thesis

and he goes so far as to criticise the world view of liberty more generally. During his presidency, over four million slaves are liberated, Southern political dominance is all but annihilated, populations move, federal courts have unprecedented jurisdiction and, for the first time, theres a national currency and banking structure. A central theme connects all of the essays: that the very nature and purpose of the war changed radically from 1861 to 1865 and that Lincoln brilliantly perceived this, guided the conflict and saw it through. Peter, MN) 1958;.

McPherson s Abraham Lincoln and the Second American Re volution with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion.
Abraham Lincoln and the Second American Revolution.
Publicatio n Date - June 1992.
Now, in Abraham Lincoln and the Second American Revolution, he offers a series of thoughtful and engaging essays on aspects of Lincoln and the war that.

The opening and closing essays deal with the central theme directly by addressing the question of what the war actually accomplished. These graceful essays, written by one of America's leading historians, offer fresh what does the body of an essay contain and unusual perspectives on both). Should the Civil War be called a revolution? The recent surge of popular interest in the Civil War did not begin with last fall's PBS television series; it started in 1988, with the publication of James. These graceful essays, written by one of America's leading historians, offer fresh and unusual perspectives on both.

Many of the revolutionary gains won by the war were overturned in what the author calls a counterrevolution in the mid-1870's, when Reconstruction was abandoned, but that neither diminishes what had passed nor denies what endured. Lincoln saw this and gave it eloquent, powerful voice. No other part of the American past has inspired as many written words as the Civil War. Lincoln uniquely grasped the significance of this as it happened.

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