Essay on hinduism and christianity

essay on hinduism and christianity

essay on importance of sports in school life the coffin. Ladies wave the vermillion and sacred grain containing water. At the stage of moksha the soul becomes liberated free to live in unity with Brahman (their supreme God) or the god or goddess they have chosen to worship. Then after the initiation to Gayatri Mantra prayers are offered to Sun-god. The Hindu trinity consists of three beings: Brahma, the creator of the world, Vishnu, the worlds preserver, and Shiva, the worlds destroyer. . This gathered ashes must be immersed in one of the holy rivers.

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Gifts might include a bank account in his/her name or some fixed deposit and also stuff like briefcase, an expensive pen. The parish priest goes to the house of the deceased with the rest of the company; one cleric carries the cross and another holy water. There are two major sections in Hinduism and at least fifty-seven sub sections, each are seeking to attain salvation with the aid of its own gods and ceremonies. The knot used to tie these three strands together is called Bhrama granthi. The ceremony finally ends with a ritual bath after which he is entitled as Snatak. There are clear definitions of who the Father and the Son are, but what is the Holy Spirit exactly? . In conclusion, the Christian trinity and Hindu trinity illustrate the monotheistic nature of the Christian and Hindu religions. .

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