Pen is mightier than sword long essay

pen is mightier than sword long essay

is caused by words, cannot be healed easily. "By the 1840s it was a commonplace." 9 Predecessors edit Assyrian sage Ahiqar, who reputedly lived during the early 7th century BC, coined the first known version of this phrase. "Spanish Guides to Princes and the Political Theories in Don Quijote". But they are rapidly going back to a barbarism more cruel and callous than even the savagery in the past. No force is used to persuade the reader. Literature is more enjoyable than fighting. Random House Dictionary of Popular Proverbs essay on mutiny and Sayings.

The use of the sword for an aggressive purpose is a great crime. It stands for the press, literature, news-papers, books, and other writings. The sword, therefore, implies force, not reason. All thoughtful men, therefore, prefer the pen to the sword. Retrieved 13 November 2006.

But it is a sign of good times coming. Moreover, a pen can hurt others eternally.

We should not be dazzled by the fleeting glory of the sword. Alexander the Great was a great conqueror. Both reason and force properly mixed are necessary for good government. Whetstone, George ( ). First, the pen is much more influential than the sword. The reader has the right to hold his own view; he may not be convinced of the writer's judgement and opinions presented to him. British music photographer Kevin Cummins once shot The Smiths vocalist Morrissey in front of a handwritten "pen is mightier than the sword" poster in the background. And when the enemy prevailed and caught them, they wrapped the children in their scrolls and lit them on fire.

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