Raphael's school of athens essay

raphael's school of athens essay

image such as Epicurus. All of the philosophers shown in the fresco traditionally sought knowledge through an understanding of root causes, tying back to the title and theme of the fresco. Oxford University Press, 2012. A b Jürg Meyer zur Capellen, however, qualifies the certainty of this identification writing "eine Gruppe von Lesenden und Disputierenden, die um eine Sitzfigur, vielleicht Pythagoras, angeordnet ist." a group of people reading and debating, arranged around a seated figure, perhaps Pythagoras. The interpretation of this figure as Hypatia seems to have originated from the Internet. It was painted between 15a part of Raphael's commission to decorate the rooms now known as the. Theme, school of Athens is one of a series of four frescoes painted by Raphael representing branches of knowledge.

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Breck to replace an older reproduction that was destroyed in a fire in 1895, it is four inches off scale from the original, because the Vatican would not allow identical reproductions of its art works. While Plato and Aristotle serve as the central figures of the fresco, the other philosophers depicted lived at various times and were not necessarily their contemporaries. Luitpold Dussler ( de ) counts among those who can be identified with some certainty: Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Pythagoras, 11 Euclid, 12 Ptolemy, Zoroaster, Raphael, Sodoma and Diogenes of Sinope. This painting portrays the greatest intellectual minds of ancient times. The figures are scattered across steps and walkways within the school and the fresco is framed with an arch decorated with arabesque swastikas. Vasari mentions portraits of the young Federico II Gonzaga, Duke of Mantua, leaning over Bramante with his hands raised near the bottom right, and Raphael himself. Raphael combined his imagination with portraits of his colleagues; Platos face seems to be a portrait of Leonardo da Vinci. 13 A more comprehensive list of proposed identifications is given below: 14 The parenthetical names are the contemporary characters from whom Raphael is thought to have drawn his likenesses. Stanze di Raffaello, in the, apostolic Palace in the, vatican. 22 Drawings and cartoon edit A number of drawings made by Raphael as studies for the School of Athens are extant.

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