Living in city and country essay

living in city and country essay

thing different about the country and city is the environment. Even if there's traffic (and there isn't much outside of cities you can usually find another way. You are in control, and there's plenty of (free) parking. You aren't late because there's been a delay and some robot-like voice has to tell you about it over and over on the speaker. Someone cuts you while queuing in the supermarket? Public transportation, by way of subways, busses and ferries, are cheap and easy ways of getting around a metropolis, whether going out to work, school, or for a night on the town. Neighbours complaining about your Saturday party? Because of the low transportation facilities, and less job availabilities, country people experience high how to make a comparative essay introduction cost of living.

Some people are fonder of life in the city rather than the country. Free Essay: Born and raised in the city, I often wonder how different my life woul d be had I been raised in the country. Imagine having to choose to reside. Difference Between City Life Country Life Essay.

Living in the city

living in city and country essay

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And food: enough said. Country Life VS City Life Essay 847 words - 3 pages Everybody has different lifestyles, country and city lifestyles are completely different. In light of todays economy, cost school admission essay is one of the leading factors in making a decision. City Life Versus Country Life Born and raised a city boy, I often wonder how different my life would be had I been raised in the country. And (unless you live in LA) forget about spending two hours a day stuck in traffic. Both lives have their own merits and demerits.

living in city and country essay

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Born a nd raised in the city, I often wonder how different my life would be had I been.
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Compare and contrast the advantages of city living and country living.

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