Juveniles tried as adults research paper

juveniles tried as adults research paper

(4.1 pages) Preview - The American Revolution: Revolutionary or Not. There are sixty-eight juveniles sitting on death row for crimes committed as juveniles. Touch bases on several smaller issues that contribute to juveniles being in and effects of adult prisons. While boys are responsible for the majority of juvenile crime overall, the number of juvenile females involved with the justice system has been steadily increasing over the past three decades (Gross 84). Also by not giving youth their own separate facility they are not getting the proper education that they need to survive if they are ever released from prison (Gerdes 118-122).

Simmons (2005) abolished the use of the death penalty for juvenile offenders. United States was the first major juvenile case heard by the Supreme Court. A juvenile delinquency is a young person who commits crimes. Teenagers should learn from mistakes that they might see around, wether it comes from family members or others. Age should not be a factor in the case of serious crimes. It is necessary in some cases to send word counter for academic essays online the juvenile to adult court for prosecution. For example, after bashing a13 year old friend in the head, knocking her unconscious, a 14 year old is in custody at theYavapai County Juvenile Detention Center on charges of aggravated assault, disorderlyconduct and interference with an educational institution (Sanchez 1).

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