Industrialization of america essay

industrialization of america essay

goods and more inventions made to make the goods faster and cheaper. Coined by Mark Twain, the term gilded shows what the United States really was. Accessed ; Available from: p?vref1. An example of an industrialist during the Gilded Age would be Andrew Carnegie. Priot to the development of a more efficient railroad system, the movement of people and freight were show more content, through the development of a transcontinental railroad system, the west was settled and many American dreams were in reach. Some immigrants came to the United States as contract laborers with the companies that hired them. The Gilded Age was a time where there was moving, building, expanding, reforming, and dreaming (Boorstin 436). Immigrants also came to the United States looking for opportunity and a way to support their families back home. Standard Oil made a fortune because Rockefeller was able to control the supply and prices of oil products by using horizontal integration. Also, freight and passengers could travel by rail without interruptions. Was the rise of big businesses.

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Many immigrant children joined their parents as they worked in factories. Although the industrial revolution shaped Americans greatly, it did not shape the working mental disorder introduction essay class and the elites comparatively; what was essential for the working class was not essential for the elites. Nevertheless, with the help of federal grants, railroad promoters were able to build a more efficient railroad system that would connect the settled east with the unsettled west. Industrialization was very beneficial to American business owners. (Lecture) In pre-industrial American society, craftsmen worked the hours they pleased, with everyone working at their own pace.

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